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  • Stone Mill Bridge

    Location: Mansfield,CT

    Scope: Site work, concrete, metal, bituminous concrete

    Stone Mill Road Bridge was another bridge project that was performed by Mattern Construction. Using specially designed concrete forms, a more natural texture and look was given to the bridge. Built in 2016, this bridge will stand for decades to come.

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    Mill Road Bridge

    Location: Eastford, CT

    Trades: Site work, concrete, structural metal, landscaping, paving

    This is just one of many bridges that Mattern Construction has completed. Mattern Construction has a division that only handles roadwork and bridges, making sure your project is completed at the highest quality.

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    Ed Bill’s Pond Removal

    Location: Lyme, CT

    Trades: Site work, concrete demolition, landscaping

    Ed Bill’s Pond Removal goal was to restore the man-made pond to its previous natural state. Over half a mile long, Mattern worked to remove the existing dam, grade the site, reestablish native plants and provide habitats for aquatic life.

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    Addison Bridge

    Location: Glastonbury, CT

    Trades: concrete form-work, concrete, pavement, metals, finish painting

    Mattern Construction self performs the majority of the work on bridge projects. We pride ourselves on having talented employees whether it comes to form work or site work.

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    Baltic Street Renovation

    Location: Sprague, CT

    Trades: site, concrete, formwork, and masonry

    Baltic Street Renovations was another project Mattern Construction performed for the Town of Sprague. Installing concrete pavers gave this road a whole new feel.

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    Chaplin Pond

    Location: Chaplin, CT

    Trades: concrete, formwork, site, and landscaping

    Mattern Construction restored this dam to its previous state, dredging the pond and installing a new culvert.

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